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A Fair Grounds Mystery

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January 20, 2016




When a body is found in a New Orleans cemetery, Homicide Detective Lt. Etienne Baptiste and his partner, Sgt. Duane Morrow, are called to investigate. They discover that the dead man is Jimmy Landry, a former NOPD officer who was then working as a private investigator. This murder is personal; Landry was family. The detectives soon learn that Landry may have died because of a cold case he agreed to investigate. The trail of clues then takes them to a long ago death involving a race horse trainer, Seamus O’Flannery, as well as a dangerous but more recent case involving suspected murders committed by NOPD officers during Hurricane Katrina. O’Flannery’s lovely and determined daughter believes someone murdered her father, and as the body count rises, Baptiste and Morrow suspect she may be right. Becoming involved in the Katrina deaths could place their careers in jeopardy since the federal government is still investigating those murders; however, a contract killer may put Baptiste and Morrow in even more danger. How are the murders—separated by years—connected? Who will survive? A Fair Grounds Mystery is a tale of thrilling suspense and mystery.

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